Project #2, the abject

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a short made with imovie.


The Lair of the 5th King Movie

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Project #1

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this is a remake of the Andrew WK album cover that come out in early 04 that featured a shocking picture of WK himself. he was doing the photo shoot, decided that the cover was boring, and proceeded to beat his own head against a brick wall, breaking his nose and destroting his face. this is a great example of how art and music do not correlate always into the same meaning. yes, Andrew WK’s lyrics are packed with hardcore anecdotes, but when you look at the picture and listen to the music, it doesnt add up

Ad Assignment

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This is an ad by DVS footwear that appeared in the September 2006 issue of Snowboarder its an advertisement the features the pro-model skate shoes of three of the worlds top snowboard athletes.

To me, a successful advertisment is an ad that presents a product helps the consumer remember the product long after they have actually looked at the ad. It can feature different elements that can help the consumer tie their memory of the elements in the ad that they liked to the actual product they see in the ad. Therefore, if they can remember the elements of the ad, the odds are that they will remember the product. I personally think that seeing a unique ad once more effective then seeing a poor ad a thousand times.

This particular ad makes a strong use of contrast to take the eye not only all the way through the ad picture, but the strongest form of contrast actually takes place with the product itself. When I first look at this ad, I am first taken directly to the red at the center, which is a slogan for the shoe line. Next,I am taken just below that to the actual pro riders, who have a moderately high level of contrast. This will be the last part of the image that I see just before the actual product, which means that when I see the product, who it belongs to is very fresh in my memory.

Color in this ad is limited because of the strong use of black and white contrast. If there was too much color in this ad, the eye would get too overwhelmed and would effectively ruin the strong points of the piece. Color is used in the actual product, but it is definitely not the leading area of the ad.

could it be true?

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here, the palins and the republicans

sticking our head in places they shouldnt be: here, the palins and the republicans

so if you dont already know that republican vp candidate palin’s daughter has an illegitimate child of the corn, then i am completely amazed that you were able to figure out what a blog is, let alone navigate your way to one of them.

here’s the scoop; yeah, its really true that americans shouldnt be concerned about the vp’s soon to be granddaughter. this lady has proved her worth at a political level, and will make a good candidate to run with mccain especially becasue she has no real political bias and has not been lobbied as of yet by washington. wether or not she could run this country if (when) mccain kicks the bucket will be a seesaw for sure.

but anyway, we should be concerned about is if she can run our country, and the average american should be worried about this. but i have seen the average american, and i know that it is a bored, fat, and hungry media whore. this baby is going to be just as famous as the tom cruise katie holmes baby. this baby will be 4 by the time her grandma may leave the whitehouse.

another good question to sit back on: how much do you think the republican party will offer the “daddy” to “happily marry” this girl (Bristol Palin)? seriously, we’re about to have a broken home that could break the backs of the republicans if they cant get this kid to stick his extremeties into places they wished they handn’t wandered one more time.

the pigmys are lighting the fire, and smokng the planks. 2 months.

The Short Chewy Arms of Ski Rex

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today was the black friday for the ski industry. today is the day people for no particular reason decide its a good idea to get all of their ski chores out of the way, two months before any of them will see the mountain. its a day of insanity for salesmen, trying to squeeze every last dime out of shoppers whom we all know probbaly dont have the money at the moment.

as for me, today was lax. four experienced techs, two workbenches, and nothing but 11 hours to do nothing but fuck with anyone who appears in our area.

i really dont have a lot to say tonight, ive kind of gone back to a normal routine and have left a lot of otherwise important tasks out of my life. i feel that i will regain my form once this workweek starts and i am fully settled into my new life.

Sweat and Shame at the Democratic National Convention ’08 pt. 3

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Break Dancer by Matthew A. Marsh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Alex Gardener of Denver giving a street performance in from of wondering crowds just before Obama's speech Aug. 28 on the 16th Street Mall

Alex Gardener of Denver giving a street performance in from of wondering crowds just before Obama

The week of the DNC is finally over, and I am easing my body back into a human level of diet, exercise, and sleep. There isn’t anywhere to be anymore; no protests, no uploading photos, no getting to the bus station before the mobs of swine and whores press me into to the glass for the 25 minute ride to Denver. I’ve eased back into the small red bull cans, single size shots of jager, and enough sleep to wake up with a loss of blood to at least one limb. Back to plenty of water, couches, and all my media platforms under one roof.
In review, the DNC has brought me a new experience and perspective on what it really means to be a photojournalist. I learned that the working media is daily becoming more and more intertwined with public journalism, and what separates the hobbyists from the professionals is the depth in which they can grasp and cover a subject. There will always be big events, and with today’s technology there will be exponential views and perspectives, and many different ways for people to consume it. The stories that will move people will be the stories that go away from the grain; the stories that can present a fresh idea, or a story that disobeys the standard.
The threshold between being a journalist or paparazzi in the eyes of others is becoming skewed, and journalists are trusted less while paparazzi are being praised more for their unethical banter. I keep a can of mace just in case I ever run into a TMZ reporter. These undertakers should by flogged in public and left to swing as a reminder not to stare in someone’s window with a 300mm for days on end.
I’m disappointed at the number of protesters that appeared in the bowels of Denver. My expectations for major event destruction were not met; im sure that somewhere in the world there was a Sting concert that churned up more trash and citywide political embarrassment than this week long excuse to do nothing but raise the bar of what it means to be a shit show.